Information is received by a small satellite dish and transfers the information, via a modem, into your home. It also sends information to the satellite so you have a fast two-way internet connection.

Internet through the air

Rather than use an underground copper/fibre network, satellite internet sends and receives its information to a satellite...hence satellite internet! Because the satellite is in space, it provides equal quality coverage to every home or business across the country. That's why the satellite internet service we offer is available across the whole of Spain.

Internet is Internet

When you are using the internet in and around your home, what's going on outside is pretty irrelevant. Therefore, just like you take your mobile telephone for granted, you'll quickly take your satellite internet service for granted too. In fact, in no time at all, you'll wonder how you ever managed before you had satellite internet installed!

From email to video conferencing

Because your internet signal travels to and from the satellite, some internet applications work differently over satellite than they do on a 'normal' network.

The time taken for information to travel back and forth to the satellite is called 'latency' – basically a very small amount of delay every time you request a page or piece of information from the internet. Thankfully, latency has little impact on applications like file downloading (eg. films, photos etc) and streaming. Typically the more data being sent either way, the better the system performs. However, at the other end of the scale, online gaming suffers and latency starts to spoil. Therefore, we do not recommend satellite internet for this type of activity.

Rest assured everything else from email to internet and social media to VoIP typically perform very well.

Speedy, easy set up

If you own or have seen a Sky TV satellite dishes then you can picture satellite broadband.

  • We install the broadband satellite dish outside
  • We connect the dish to an indoor modem
  • Normally we add a wireless router at the same time allowing you to enjoy your broadband throughout your home
  • You connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to make sure that you're happy with the system
  • You're online

For a standard installation,everything's usually complete inside a couple of hours with minimal disruption and no mess. Your engineer will provide a full demonstration of your new equipment and won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

Going wireless

We all want to go wireless nowadays, so we can offer and fit a wireless router that plugs in to your broadband modem, allowing you to connect multiple devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs, all of which can access broadband at the same time. It also means more than one person can be using the internet service at the same time.

For complete peace of mind, if you purchase your installation and wireless router from us, we'll install it all and make sure it works perfectly and of course, support our hardware if required through our Technical Helpdesk.