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Alternatively, our kit with quick install guide lets you do it yourself. Or else arrange installation by your own installer.


"N" Wireless router

Our super fast wireless router lets you connect to the internet effortlessly. It is reliable and stable, providing the ultimate solution for both data and multimedia delivery and coverage.

  • Professional grade router, Wireless speed up to 150Mbps, Wi-Fi compliant with 802.11 draft, Wi-Fi certified to 802.11b/g, Wi-Fi WMM certified for multimedia streaming, Wi-Fi Protected Setup button for security, Enhanced security with WEP, WPA/WPA2, Enhanced security Firewall, Eco-friendly scheduling for energy saving, Energy Star qualified adaptor, 6-level neighbourhood-friendly control, ZyXEL 3-year warranty

VoIP Internet Telephone Service

  • Linksys Cisco VoIP ATA box, Plug in your phone and use as normal

Freesat Channels and HDTV Service (UK only)

  • Additional satellite equipment, Installation and cabling, Freesat HD box, SkyTV options
Monthly data package
This is the service and price that you’ll use & pay for monthly.
  • 5GB

    0.00 € 24.95 € per month
  • 10GB

    0.00 € 29.95 € per month
  • 20GB

    0.00 € 39.95 € per month
  • 30GB

    0.00 € 54.95 € per month
  • 75GB

    0.00 € 99.95 € per month
  • 100GB

    0.00 € 124.95 € per month
  • 125GB

    0.00 € 149.95 € per month
  • 150GB

    0.00 € 179.95 € per month

Monthly fees are based on our standard 24 month contract.
Other contract options are available below, based on your hardware choice.

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